George T. Probst - Shark Photographer

Hi, I'm George Probst and I'm a wildlife photographer and shark advocate. I began photographing sharks in 2006 with small point-and-shoot camera and have been upgrading my photography skills (I hope) and gear ever since.

My primary goal with sharing my photography is to increase awareness about the importance of sharks and portray them in a responsible manner. While sharks are indeed wild predatory animals who are potentially dangerous, they are not generally "out to get" people the way that we often see in major media.

All of the great white sharks that appear on this site were photographed at Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico. The volcanic island, located 240km off the Baja coast, is a biosphere reserve where white sharks aggregate in the fall months. The sharks are drawn to the island by abundance of natural prey items including yellowfin tuna, northen elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seals, and California sea lions.